On March 13, 2020, Encompass Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lisa Charbonneau and Encompass Health’s National Director of Case Management Dina Walker will present at the 2020 Commission for Case Manager Certification’s New World Symposium in Aurora, Colorado.

Improving Outcomes with Data and Technology

Turning a clinical data repository into actionable information is crucial in evolving post-acute care. Dr. Elissa Charbonneau, Encompass Health Chief Medical Officer, and Dina Walker, Encompass Health National Director of Case Management, describe how data and technology can be leveraged to improve patient care and outcomes. They will detail how utilizing clinical decision support tools help clinicians manage chronic comorbid conditions and how electronic dashboards aid in not only monitoring patient outcomes, but also improving them. They will expand upon the use of predictive analytics and algorithms to identify patients at risk for readmission.

Learner objectives:

  • Describe how electronic clinical decision support can help clinicians better manage chronic conditions
  • Describe how assessment and predictive analytics can be used to identify patients at risk for readmission
  • Outline strategies to improve patient outcomes through monitoring dashboard metrics

For more information about the presentation, email hillary.carnel@encompasshealth.com.

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