Christine Hicks in 2018 after entering a medically induced coma caused by an asthma attack.

Christine Hicks, a 45-year-old analyst, never expected she would need rehabilitation services so early in life. She’s lived an active, healthy and social lifestyle with only one major medical issue of adult onset asthma. The illness led to bigger problems in 2014, when an asthma attack placed her in a medically induced coma causing muscle weakness all over her body leaving her unable to move her limbs.

After her stay at the hospital, she was transferred to Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Sugar Land in Texas to help her return to her previous lifestyle. After she completed about a week’s stay, she was able to do so.

In February 2018, she was hospitalized a second time due to another asthma attack coupled with flu and pneumonia. She was placed on a lung bypass machine;

Christina Hicks
Christina in the therapy gym at Encompass Health Sugar Land

and when she was ready, she was again transferred to Encompass Health Sugar Land to regain strength and function. At the point of admission, she could not lift her legs, feed herself or even get out of bed without assistance.

“The first time, I chose Encompass Health Sugar Land out of convenience since it was about 15 minutes from my house. The second time, I chose the hospital because I knew they were going to get me back to where I needed to be,” said Christine.

Christine went back to work full-time beginning March 1 only using her “blinged out” cane for assistance. She also returned her former routine and social life. She advises other patients going through the rehabilitation process to “follow through and never give up” and to never reach a point where they feel sorry for themselves.